The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve
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The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Download

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Download

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Torrent

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Torrent

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Torrent 1

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Torrent 1

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Get

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Get

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Free

The Expert Maker by Mike Shreeve Free

The Expert Maker
Learn The Exact Skills Mike Uses To Earn 6 Figures A Year PER CLIENT Helping Good People Share Their Message, Touch The Lives Of Millions, And Build Multi-Million Dollar Companies
YES! Please let me into The Expert Maker work-a-long program where Mike will walk me through the exact master checklist he uses for himself and clients for building and scaling an online signature course.

I am ready to learn how to combine multiple skills into a single Super Power I can offer to clients or start building my own platform for changing lives today!

I fully understand that this program is not a guarantee to overnight riches, but I also recognize this as an opportunity to learn and implement a powerful income generating skillset which I can use whenever and wherever I desire.

I also understand that I will need to do the work in order to get the results.

I am ready to make this investment in myself and my future by taking advantage of this program available to me now.

I am ready to live the No Pants lifestyle!
What I Get When I Sign Up Today
When I join The Expert Maker work-a-long program before July 17th I will receive:

Bite sized (and action driven) video lessons showing me exactly how to accomplish everything from getting myself or my client their very first email leads… to creating a Signature Program my client or I can sell for $997 or more… to selling myself to clients as a top shelf Expert Maker… and more!
The Master Checklist that contains every step I need to take which I can follow step-by-step to implement Mike’s strategies for myself or my clients without ever having to guess “what’s next?”
A formulaic Signature Course creation worksheet so I can take my clients’ or my own ideas and turn them into a 12 week program that changes lives while generating significant income!
Fill-in-the-blank webinar, email, and even lighthouse templates… PLUS: Mike will provide me with the exact niche specific Facebook interest targeting I should use if I want to rely on a paid traffic strategy…
Instant access to Mike’s LIVE work-a-long case study where I’ll be able to work-a-longside Mike as he implements The Master Checklist LIVE and provides daily updates, shares results, and gives unprecedented transparency to the entire Expert Maker process…
And a lot more little tools and strategies Mike is cooking up to help me the best I can be with this program!

Bonuses I’ll Receive To Help Me Be Successful With This Program
Bonus #1. Facebook Ads Masterclass
This is the same Facebook ads training that has only ever been shared with No Pants Project coaching members which I’ll get access to 100% free of charge.

Mike will walk me through the process of finding the right people to target, writing the perfect ad, and making sure I am staying well within my budget to build a successful paid traffic campaign.

Adding this skill (running Facebook ads) on top of the Super Power Mike will be teaching me is an easy way to turn one-off projects into lifelong retainer agreements with the clients I’m working with!
Bonus #2. Done For You Client Getting Faucet
Mike is generously including a fill-in-the-blank series of templates including a mini-webinar, landing page, emails, etc. that I can use to generate clients on command for this exact Super Power.

I acknowledge that Mike providing these templates is not an income or results guarantee and that I will still need to build a list (following the Master Checklist), and take discovery calls in order for this to work.

But… I am SUPER excited to have a client getting mechanism so I can start helping others with this new Super Power of mine!
If I’m Currently A Member Of The No Pants Project Coaching Program I Will Also Receive…
... A one-on-one review of my completed webinar slides from Mike himself!

This review is normally $495 but is mine 100% FREE because I am an active member of the No Pants Project coaching program in good standing.

I agree to the terms that I must submit my request for review within 30 days of purchasing this program.

Additionally, Mike will only review completed webinar slides. No scripts, no half completed webinar presentations.

Only webinars that are ready to go and need a final look from one of the most prolific and successful webinar copywriters working today.
Lifetime Guarantee
I understand that I am protected by a lifetime guarantee on this program.

If I agree to put in the work, document and record my progress…

If I agree to follow the processes and templates as Mike will provide (without over complicating, complaining, or trying to reinvent)…

If I put forth a good honest effort as determined by Mike and follow his Master Checklist…

… And I have still not yet earned back the cost of this program Mike will provide TWO things:

1. A week of one-on-one Speed mentoring for free (normally $500)

2. A full money back guarantee if we are unable to solve my challenges after a week of mentoring

By signing up for The Expert Maker program today I am acknowledging that I agree with these terms and will give everything I have to be successful before giving up.

Old Price: $99.90
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