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Doors close soon! 25 August,11:59pm IT’S TIME TO BLOW UP YOUR SALES… Get laser focused onyour sales activitiesfor 30 days,confidently showup and fill yourinbox with hotleads… …without spending hours glued to your phone! YES, I NEED THIS! Does this sound familiar…? You know you need to be consistent with selling online….and youtry to be… but you get stuck on what to talk about (‘ what do I evensayyyy ‘), overwhelmed and then lose motivation. And every time this happens you stress… and then you get angry with yourselffor not being able to be consistent. You know you’re spending a lot of time on social media and it feels like it’s for nothing – your DMs are crickets and the sales arefar and few between. It’s frustrating – you’re trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong …andeven sometimes wonder if you should maybe just *gulp* give up. Truthfully, feel scared and confused… scared to show up and sell every day, and confused about what to say even if you did. You don’t want to be the annoying salesperson alienating your audience withconstant sales posts (eww) and turning people off. You wish you could just show up and sell in a way that feels effortless andauthentic …without spending hours glued to your phone or feeling gross talkingabout your offer. You know you need to show up more, and you know you need to sell consistently….but it feels so damn hard. You wish there was an easier way to do it. But what if instead… You brewed yourself a hot coffee, sat down to implement your dailysales content and finished it within 20 minutes while your coffee is still hot … and then spent the rest of the day hanging out with yourkids at the park or binge watching Netflix… all while hot leads rolledinto your inbox. You had a step by step system to sell on repeat every singlemonth – never wondering what to say to make sales ever again You showed up to sell daily and voila – your engagement skyrockets,your DMs are full and you can barely keep up with all the peopleenquiring about your services… And not only that…but you showed up confidently without feelingsalesy because you have a plan and you feel excited to share yourauthentic message with your audience This can be you.This is why I have created a step-by-step system on how to use Instagram Stories to show up every day and convert them into sales,without ever being salesy or pushy, and without needing a large audience. Introducing…Sold Out Bootcamp! A 30-day program to get laser-focused on your sales activities, become fiercelyconfident to show up and fill your inbox with messages from dream clients. The challenge is simple… show up and ask for the sale every single day for 30 days… get your snowball rolling and watch your sales skyrocket. But you won’t have to do it alone… I am giving you the tools and accountability every step of the way. What’s inside Sold Out Bootcamp? STEP BY STEP BREAKDOWN OF MY SALES SYSTEM ASKS Method Breakdown I will give you the step by step breakdown of my entire salessystem that implements my unique ASKS formula. I’m cutting all the fluff and getting to the core of exactly whatyou need to do and say to make sales. Plus you also get all this : Content Repurposing Training (How to Repurpose YourStories To Other Content Platforms) Story Optimization Training (How to Optimize YourInstagram Stories For Maximum Engagement andConversion) Accountability Tracker (To make sure you stay on trackand complete each of the daily actions) 30 DAYS OF DAILY SALES SCRIPTS Done-For-You 30 Day Sales System Sold Out Bootcamp doesn’t just teach you the method, it does it for you!You get 30 days of plug-and-play sales scripts designed forInstagram Stories. These are not your average one-line vanillaprompts – they are ultra detailed and based on the buyer cycleand sales psychology.All you have to do is open your daily script, plug in your offerdetails, hit record and you’re done in less than 20 minutes. EPIC BONUSES VAULT  You also get these EPIC bonusesinside: BONUS #1: PERFECT PITCH CHECKLIST – To ensure you’vecovered all your bases and pitch your offer perfectly everysingle time, I’m giving you my own checklist of must-dos tomake sure your sales pitches convert at a high rate. BONUS #2: 30 SALES CONFIDENCE JOURNAL PROMPTS – To execute flawlessly you need a winning mindset. Thesejournal prompts will help you build that winning mindset andhelp you to show up to sell with massive confidence. BONUS #3: LEAD TRACKER: A lead tracker designedspecifically for Sold Out Bootcamp to ensure no lead slipsthrough the cracks. BONUS #4: 30+ HEADLINES, PITCHES AND ENGAGEMENTSPWIPE FILES – Never be stuck on a headline, pitch orengagement post with these 30+ swipe files. Use them in yourposts, stories, lives and anywhere else you want to sell. Are you ready to say ‘Yes’ to more sales30 Day Sales System (Value The Bonuses Vault: $997)Perfect Pitch Checklist (ValueASKS Method Breakdown$67)Training (Value $97)30 Sales Confidence JournalContent RepurposingPrompts (Value $47)Training (Value $97)Lead Tracker (Value $97)Story OptimizationTraining (Value $97) 30+ Headline, Pitch andEngagement Swipe Files (ValueAccountability Tracker (Value$97)$47) ONE PAYMENT OF (USD) 2 EASY PAYMENTS OF (USD) $444 $233 JOIN NOW JOIN NOW Just imagine what could happen… … to your cash levels if you showed up and asked for the sale for 30 consistent days… … to your sales if you became massively visible to your ideal client… … to your entire business in the next six months if you got your sales snowballing today… Sold Out Bootcamp is the roadmap to making this possible easily and effortlessly. Le’s be honest…you don’t need more information, you need to take action. It’s time to step into all your potential and get your sales snowball rolling today. YES, I WANT THIS NOW! I HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES…. In my first year of business, I struggled with showing upconsistently and selling . In fact, in my first year I generated a total of $3k from mycoaching business… and wondered if I should quit. But in January 2020 everything changed when I madeONE decision. This is the moment I finally decided I was going to show upconsistently and sell every day in my business. Making that decision and sticking to it changed my life. Showing up and selling consistently got my snowball rolling . It created huge momentum in my business.So much so that I have basically DOUBLED my incomemonth on month since January, and hit $100k in just 9months.And it all started with deciding to finally take my role as asalesperson in my business seriously by showing up andasking for the sale every day.Eventually, I created a rinse and repeat system to help medo that effortlessly – this system is Sold Out Bootcamp! FAQ Who exactly is this for? I have a pretty unique niche… I have a small audience – will this still work for me? Do I get immediate access? Are these scripts just for Instagram Stories? Is there a refund policy? OK, IM IN!

Old Price: $59.90
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