Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

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Download Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

Download Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

Torrent Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

Torrent Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

Free Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

Free Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

Get Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

Get Legacy Leadership Academy by Bob Heilig

The Legacy Leadership Academy does not teach you how to spam better, manipulate your friends, or push your products like a Snuggies infomercial.

It’s about finding personal & financial freedom and never looking back at the corporate world again. It’s about helping you teach the next generation of leaders and putting value back into the system. It’s about being the victorious underdog. And it’s about choosing significance over “success”.

Everything you need to run a network marketing business you can be proud of, build a confident team & create a significant impact, begins here...
Right now...
What does it mean to become
a Legacy Leader?

This video does not exist.
Financial freedom.
Wanting the new Subaru, the country house, the Hawaii vacation, the promotion, or the big bonus check is normal.

There’s nothing wrong with that, at all. (Hey, we’re not anti-money over here, promise.)

But if buying more stuff is the only motivation driving you forward in your business, I can safely say from personal experience…


If you want to start and end your day with a renewed sense of energy, purpose, and passion — you need to tap into something much deeper and more meaningful.

Because it’s what you do with the money you make that could make a difference in the lives of others…

But, here’s where we get tripped up on our journey:

We chase freedom like our lives depend on it, because we’ve been trained to equate freedom with success.

I’m talking about achieving the trifecta of freedom...

so you can enjoy 4-day work weeks and take vacations like that
guy on those videos
Sounds good, right? But here’s the thing…
Lifestyle freedom.
Freedom isn’t enough.
It’s not about the money.
It’s about what the money means.
Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting financial, time, and lifestyle freedom (I want it, too!), but freedom isn’t the end goal, it’s a STOP ALONG THE WAY.
Legacy Leaders use the success we’ve achieved to pursue a life of significance. Success is about you. Significance is about others. This is what Legacy Leadership is all about.
The majority of us have been taught to hustle hard for our own personal gain, but THIS is one of the reasons so many of us struggle. We’re 110% focused on what we can get, not what we can give.
You can have as much freedom as your cart can carry and it still won’t be enough. Not for you. Because you want something more. You want internal value. You want a purpose.
Time freedom.
This is your chance to go on a journey from success to significance, so you can create an impact and leave your legacy.
to buy what you want without checking your bank account
Impact + Legacy = Significance
to upgrade yourself and live how the other half lives

Let me guess...
You want to build an online presence, but don't want to annoy people with aggressive marketing. Instead, you want to build genuine connections and create your own personal, non-spammy brand.
You're here because of one of these reasons...
You've made a name for yourself in your current role... but you know you were meant for something bigger.
You’re tired of being taught the same old, outdated Facebook marketing strategies that worked in 2014, but not today.
You want to build a successful business but you’re afraid or feel paralyzed. You want to overcome your fear, move your feet, and build that damn business so you can start living out loud.

You have a team (somewhere between 1 → 1,000+), and you're worried you can’t lead them further because nobody ever trained you how.

You’re not getting the support you need from your upline or leaders and you feel alone, and left behind.

You just don’t know how to do it.
And, most of all...

You know you can do this.
You know you’re a giveback entrepreneur. You’ve got something — some rare gift — that can change the lives of people on your team for the better. There’s something in you that wants to do more.
(Here comes your Good Will Hunting moment...)
This is not
It’s not your fault nobody trained you or gave you the support you need to. Nobody can blame you for being handed outdated marketing strategies from 2014. And it’s not your fault shouting into a microphone on Facebook doesn’t work anymore.

But we can change that.

We can change your business to make the difference you want to make. We can help you do what you love the right way, so you’ll grow your network marketing business and give back WAY more that you take out, STARTING NOW...
We invite you to become a Legacy Leader.
Legacy Leaders are different…

Yes, we want to earn a good living — you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself—but we bring others up with us.

Because we genuinely care. We want to help. Our network marketing businesses are based on passion, service, and giving. We train and help others, and our teams are a support system for lifting everyone with us.

We are the underdogs. We are the fierce fighters people want to see succeed, because we have a purpose. (And it’s only right the good people win.)

Listen, the tired old techniques of spamming, shouting, and selling friends into submission don’t work anymore. It’s no longer a game of she who shouts loudest, wins.

And we’re happy about that. Now society embraces businesses with a cause.

Legacy Leaders are out to change the world. And it’s working.

Intentional Leadership is broken down into these 4 phases:

Modeling Phase
Action Phase
Accountability Phase
Momentum Phase

2. Social Media Training
Legacy Leadership teaches you these
2 critical things that separate those who make it and those who....well….don’t:

1. Leadership Development
Social Media
There's a network marketing phenomenon I call The Accidental Leader. These guys are everywhere and they’re hard to miss. Heck, you may have even worked for one.

Someone agrees to sell your product, and BAM! You’re the boss.

...Now what?

The Accidental Leader has no clue. They stumbled into their role and now rely on the product to sell itself. Sometimes they get lucky and their “team” (i.e. group of people without direction), manages to sell well. But turnover is high. The good folks never stay because they know they deserve better.

The truth is, no product has EVER sold itself. There’s always a team of hard working ducks whose feet are paddling like crazy beneath the surface to make the business move forward. You just don’t see it.

Leadership is the missing ingredient in an accidental business. If you can apply leadership to an organization, no matter its size, amazing things will happen.

It all starts with shifting from Accidental to Intentional Leadership.

That’s when you win on purpose. You have a plan. You plot your path to grow as a leader, build the strength of your team, and move in the right direction.
I’m just gonna come out and say it...

Facebook is not a megaphone. The people who trained you to treat the platform as an infomercial are wrong. Following that old advice will cause more harm than good.

Heck, maybe you were this Network Marketer when starting out (no judgment—I’ve been there too!)...

Network Marketer: “Hi, want to be my friend?”

You: “Sure….you seem cool.”

Network Marketer: “BUY MY STUFF NOW!!!”

You: *Unfriend*

Network Marketer: “Hey, where’d you go? Come back!”

Hah! If only I were exaggerating.

Social media is changing every single day. And it’s important to have always-updated training that will teach you what’s working TODAY.

As a Legacy Leader, you’ll learn to embrace innovation and change. You’ll work smarter – not harder - and tame the beast of new technology that gets your message out to a bigger audience.

You’ll build a Personal Brand and you’ll always be relevant. We’ll guide you through every step so you get it right, and don’t “annoy” your network. (Not like that guy you blocked 4 paragraphs up. He makes us all look bad.)

We’ll teach you the difference between "Push" and "Pull" Marketing (and why most people get it wrong), how to use Facebook Groups and Business Pages to grow your team, and how to use platforms like Instagram, and LinkedIn even if you’ve never logged on.

You’ll learn how to use live video to build a massive following. (Whoa, I think I just heard your anxiety spike all the way from here. Don’t worry! It’s way less scary than you think. You may even like it.)

Once you learn to use Social Media the right way, you’ll start attracting ideal prospects like catnip, and you’ll impact people in ways you’ve never imagined.
In Legacy Leadership Academy, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions for each phase. They’ll give you confidence, strategy, and systems to develop your next round of leaders with intent, so you create a winning culture.

Follow the steps, and you’ll find your freedom.
I’ve got you covered, future Legacy Leader.

I don’t know where to start!
“That’s great, Bob. But there’s only one teensy huge problem…”
You start right here.

A membership program & community for network marketers who want to make a bigger impact
I know… you’ve taken other courses before. And the last thing you need is another online training program.

Agreed. You need someone to hold you accountable. You need a network—and coaches who’ll kick in the pants to keep you moving forward. You need someone in your corner to inspire you and whisper sweet, sweet strategies in your ear.

Remember Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid?

You need Mr. Miyagi.
You need a sensei.
I’ll be your Miyagi.
Eventually, you’re going to realize something.... Something that will change the way you approach your business. And pardon the spoiler, but it’s this:

Network marketing is a personal development program you happen to get paid for.

In Legacy Leadership Academy, you’ll grow yourself not only as a leader… but as a human being.
(Scary? You betcha. Worth it? 10,000% yes.) Just think about all the leaders you respect. It’s not just for their business, is it?

Here’s the thing.

When people say “You have potential” it should infuriate you. Because it means you’re not reaching said potential! It means you can do more. It means you can do better.

You want people to look at you and say, “Wow! Look what you’ve accomplished.” ← That’s what people say to Legacy Leaders.

Legacy Leaders wow the pants off people.

Network marketing is one of the greatest vehicles ever created to help the average Joe, I mean Bob—with above average dreams—impact the world.

If you’re just getting started, my goal is simple: to help you get to that place of freedom.

If you’re already on your way: it’s to help you make a bigger impact in your business.

And if you’re already making a massive impact: it’s to help you create your legacy.

That’s why I started this program – to have each and every one of us be a part of something huge. To build something way bigger than anything we could ever do on our own. And it’s growing more and more every day.

Want to hop on while you can?

What more could you be doing to grow yourself?
OK, real talk…
Legacy Leadership Academy is an ongoing membership site. That means you get new trainings every single month, for as long as you remain a member. And the back catalogs, too.

You'll also have continued access to our private community, where you'll connect with our incredible tribe – and get extra guidance from me. (I’m in there a lot. LIVE.)
Here's how it works...
Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll get

Access to our wildlly popular 2x monthly live member "Hot Seats"
NEW Live Masterclass training each month by me, Bob
Exclusive Weekly "Office Hours" held for members
None of this pre-recorded stuff. Not in my group. Each month you get LIVE trainings on new topics related to Leadership or marketing. That means you have the ability to ask LIVE questions. And each class comes with implementation guides and assignments to get you started.
Social Media Profile Reviews
Exclusive Access to Members-Only
Live Events

The "Legacy Leadership Model" training program.
Ever see one of these? We bring on 3 members per call for some LIVE 1-on-1 coaching, where we dig into your business and help you overcome whatever challenge or obstacle that’s blocking you. Sometimes all you need is a push. Sometimes it’s more. Put your fanny on the fryer whenever you’re ready, and you’ll come out with a fully-baked business plan, ready to go.
Yup – you get an entire program on TOP of your membership to the Academy. This is where we dive deep into the nuts and bolts of HOW to take the action and develop your skills. The program will be delivered in video format with accompanying handouts or resources, so you can take it at your own pace and rewatch specific lessons as many times as you want.

These are live sessions inside the FB group where I take coaching calls and answer your questions LIVE. Chime in when you want, or just listen in on advice to help you overcome your fears, adjust your mindset, and develop strategies to grow your business. When you watch it live, you’ll see we’re all in this together.

Access to the "Members Only" Private Facebook Group
Each month we randomly select members to receive detailed reviews of their Facebook profiles. We’ll review their (or your!) live videos and content strategy, giving you firsthand insight into developing a social media strategy that works for you, based on inside peeks at what’s working for others. (And no, it’s not the fake-it-til-you-make-it selfies in front of yachts & fancy cars you don’t own.)

Inside this private FB group you’ll connect and learn from other amazing network marketers who offer no-leader-left-behind level support. You'll have access to exclusive Legacy Leader content and training by me that's not available anywhere else, except to my private clients
(a $2,000/month value).

This one’s a biggy. We'll be hosting special 1-day LIVE events all over the country—and only members can attend. These events provide an opportunity for you to network with other Legacy Leaders and get face-to-face access and exclusive content from me! (And my hair.)

... and so. much. more.

How to develop a service-based mentality (not sales-based)
Top 10 Golden
Rules of Legacy

Top 10 Golden Rules of Legacy Leadership
Your background and experience are entirely unique. Learn how that adds value to your brand and makes you stand out in ways no one else ever could. We’ll teach you how to win over the world.
Discover what it takes to become the leader who makes an impact, inspires others, and builds a thriving business. Even if you’re feeling burnt out & unexcited by where you are right now.
How to create an Impact Goal

How to build a business that YOU own, and doesn't own you
Advanced team building
and leadership
How to build a business around your own personal brand
Advanced team building and leadership strategies

Learn how to increase your influence with your team, develop leaders, and create massive momentum and duplication in your business.
Impact over income. This mindset changed my life. Get clear on the change you want to see in the world, and build a 'For Purpose' network marketing business that can help you dramatically increase your results.

Cutting-edge social media marketing strategies
Want to see the trainings?
Cutting-edge social media marketing strategies
How to build a business that YOU own, and doesn't own you.
Find out what's really working right now across all platforms. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions to implement systems in a way that’s unique to you.
Work to live. Not live to work. We’ll teach you systems that correct your work-life balance and increase your income without sacrificing your freedom.

How to build a business around your own personal brand
How to use fear
as a compass
How to use fear as a compass
How to develop a service-based
(not sales-based)
Fear is a reaction to a change you know you need to make. We’ll teach you to believe in yourself, and blow past your business goals without looking back.
You have a responsibility to grow & lead your team. You’ll become someone who overdelivers because you can’t help it! Giving to grow isn’t just a business strategy… it’s a Legacy Leader's mission.

How to create an
Impact Goal
How to Implement
360 Degree Accountability

How to Implement 360 Degree Accountability
Figure out how to sync the mission of your team so all leaders are pushing in the same direction: toward maximum momentum & major productivity boosts.
(I shouldn’t be sharing this, but I’m really excited about it!)
(And if you've been in my tribe for a while, you know that I'm KNOWN for my trainings. I'll be teaching you in-depth about my step-by-step systems and strategies that will challenge you, both as a business owner and as a person.)

But it's not just the trainings.

You also get the entire Academy community cheering you on. They’ll be going through this journey with you, celebrating your victories, telling you what’s working, and giving you feedback on what’s not. You’ll connect with a powerful network of Legacy entrepreneurs who are all on the same path as you.

This alone can save you months of frustration from trying the wrong things.

Listen, I know you’ve already invested in your business. Definitely with time, and probably with money. Some of those investments were worth it. Some weren’t. (It happens.)

That’s why my intention is to make this super easy for you.

So today, you’re not going to pay $2,000/month to join the Academy. You’re not even going to pay $1,000.
The Investment
But, I want to help MORE people create MORE legacies. That’s why I started the Legacy Leadership Academy. To create a bigger impact on the world and do it with more network marketers.

The Legacy Leadership Academy gives you DIRECT ACCESS to me — and the same information, training, and content I teach to my private coaching clients.
Look, it costs my private coaching clients over $2,000/month to work with me. And that’s when I have space available.
Today, you can become a Legacy Leader
for only $57 per month.
Every. Single. Month.
If you know this is where you want to be, and you want the whole enchilada — all 12 lessons, 24 hot seats, 48 office hours and more, for the next 12 months — here’s a deal just for you.

You can opt for an Annual Plan of $497 and get 3 months FREE (almost $200 off the monthly plan).

Also, joining on the Annual Plan locks you in at this special rate for as long as you remain a member. So if our price goes up, yours won’t.
Special Offer*

Annual Plan
You get a FREE LEGACY T-Shirt! So you can wear your heart on your sleeve 🙂

When you join the Annual Plan

Ready to create your legacy?
Grow a profitable business
Impact the world in a deeply positive way
Become true Legacy Leaders
The Legacy Leadership Academy is the ONLY membership program for network marketers who want to:
And enrollment is only open for a short time.
Select an option below:
Almost 30% savings
[We donate 10% of all revenue from this program to charity, every single month. So as long as you’re a member, you’ll know that you’re a part of something larger than yourself, and you’re already giving back.]
But hurry...
Enrollment is only open for a very limited time.
(Pay in full and save!)
Get full access to all of our cutting edge social media strategies, our advanced leadership development trainings, and our private FB Group!

and 3 months free!

(cancel at any time)

$57 monthly
$497 annually

"My team sales doubled the next month to over $30K."
"Bob's teaching on network marketing and specifically leadership has had a huge impact on my business. Before I found Bob I was stuck in my business, my team wasn't growing, and I was starting to wonder if I even had what it took to be successful.

After working with Bob and implementing his training, amazing things began to happen. The size of my team has doubled, my income has increased by over 100%, and I've taken huge strides as a person and a leader. I finally have the confidence and belief in myself that I needed to make this work. I'm so glad I invested in his training."

– Danielle Cole

"I started implementing Bob's techniques into my business and my team sales doubled the very next month to over $30,000, at just 21 years old. Almost 2 years later, I now have 4,600 people on my team and we just hit $250,000 in sales last month. I love Bob's straight to the point, no-nonsense style. To say that his training has made a huge impact on me would an understatement."

– Brooklyn Ferguson

"Amazing things began to happen!"

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Change is scary. I get it. If you’re on the fence about becoming a Legacy Leader, or if you’re not convinced that being a better leader will really move the needle in your business — but you want to take advantage of this limited-time discounted annual offer — we want to make it as easy as possible for you to try.

Take the next 60 days to go through 2 live trainings, watch 4 hot seat calls, and get active in the private Facebook Group. Eliminate any risk or doubts you have about this decision – so you can feel as confident in this program as I do.

If after TWO FULL MONTHS of testing the strategies, keeping up with the trainings, and getting my personal guidance, you don’t think it’s 100% the best training you’ve ever gotten and the best decision you’ve ever made for your network marketing business, we'll happily refund your money.

Simply email us within 60 days to cancel, hit “undo” on the whole thing, and go back to the way things were.
So, What About Bob?
Who am I, anyway?

I’m you, pretty much. I spent a decade as a distributor, and in my first year as a Network Marketer, I was NOT good. I wasn’t able to recruit one. single. person. I slowly gained a little traction, but nothing sustainable... and I quit.

5 years later, I was dragged back in. Things were easier, but I was just OK. Then I changed my mindset.

I decided to serve the profession.

I reluctantly made a few LIVE videos about giving back to the network marketing community, and put them online—and I was terrified!

I didn’t let me fear stop me. And that’s what put me on the map. That’s what made me a 7-figure earner and set me on the path I’m on today.

Now I help network marketers like you overcome whatever it is that’s holding you back, and create the business and the life of your dreams.

In less than one year, I've created a million dollar training company built on a foundation of love, purpose, impact, and a commitment to elevate the profession as an unstoppable force for good.
It blows my mind that those “Your Virtual Upline” trainings I made have helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.

People say I have a "no-nonsense" raw & honest training style, which seems to resonate. You'll experience it firsthand in Legacy Leadership Academy when you join.

The mission of our company is simple: to help you build a kick-ass network marketing business that’s profitable and gives you complete freedom, so you can give back to the world in a big, big way.
Because the thing I’m most proud of, and what still drives me every day, is YOU.
"And I can’t wait to start working with you. "
"I was able to totally turn my business around."

"My team has grown from 500 to almost 2,500!"
"Bob's material and training, without a shadow of a doubt, works wonders if you just take action on what you learn. I recently reached the highest position in my company which is allowing me to walk away from a full-time career in the military and focus solely on my business. All I did was implement and apply everything I learned from Bob's training. During that time, my team has grown from 500 to almost 2,500 people! Thanks to Bob for giving me the tools and skills I needed to become hugely successful in my business."

– Carl Amery

"Before working with Bob, I was very complacent in my business and in jeopardy of losing my current rank. By implementing what I learned working with Bob, I was able to totally turn my business around.

In one month, I recruited 12 new people, earned a $30,000 bonus, and my husband a $2,000 bonus. Not only did I keep my current rank, but I actually hit the next rank in my company.

Working with Bob is the best investment I could ever have made for my business and my family."

– Lisa McGee
Ready to make an impact and get the guidance you deserve? I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Absolutely! It's designed to take your business to the next level, no matter what level you’re currently on. Leadership takes constant practice and you’re never too smart to learn something new. This course is about increasing your overall ability.

Heck, even I still take new courses! Nobody can ever learn it all.

Q. I'm just getting started in my business. Should I wait?
We’ve got answers…
Got questions?
Q. What about Bob? How much access do I get to you?
Q. What if I've already taken courses / already know a lot of these strategies?
Fair question. There are a lot of courses out there. But here's a little secret – taking classes is the easy part.

The hard part is implementing them. Because that's when all your "stuff" comes up. Your fears and doubts. Old “I’ll do it later” procrastination habits, the “I’ll do it, but I want to do it right” perfectionism, or the “Oh, that would never work for me because…” self-sabotage.

It's also the part where all the questions come up. "Wait – how do I apply that strategy to MY situation?" "XYZ didn't work. What do I do now?" "I have a unique issue with a team member. How should I handle it?"

In Legacy Leadership Academy, I'm giving you new, up-to-date strategies with step-by-step instructions. And I'm also supporting you in the Q&A calls and private community. There's a major focus on keeping you moving, and that’s an essential ingredient missing in most other courses.
You could, but why? Where you are is less important to me than where you want to be. If you want to grow and create a bigger business, regardless of your experience, you’re ready.

The sooner you get these strategies and business trainings, the better off you’ll be. Because you can't lead a team until you learn to lead yourself.
Q. I’ve been in business for a while. Will this still help me?
Q. I'm already super busy. How much time will this take?
I get it. Part of being a Legacy Leader is NOT compromising on your lifestyle.
Our goal is to help you apply the leadership training and marketing strategies so you can get MORE accomplished with the time you’re already spending on your business.

The monthly trainings only take a few hours. Not long. Time implementing the strategies varies per person and by your current level – but we include step-by-step systems to make it as easy as possible.

After that, it's up to you. Every training is recorded and catalogued, so you can go through the material at your own pace. Take it slow, or binge it over a few days. Your choice.

However, I highly recommend you take advantage of the Facebook Group. That's where you're going to find your accountability, connections, and additional training and feedback from me.
Every month, you get a brand new live training conducted by me; Bob. And you can ask me all your questions. I’m also in the FB community, so whenever you need help, shine your bat signal and I’ll answer. It may take a day or two, but I’ll be there.

This community will be the primary place where I do my training. It’s just like having me as your personal upline or network marketing mentor.
and 3 months free!

Almost 30% savings
(Pay in full and save!)

Select your preferred investment option below...
Get full access to all of our cutting edge social media strategies, our advanced leadership development trainings, and our private FB Group!
$497 annually
[We donate 10% of all revenue from this program to charity, every single month. So as long as you’re a member, you’ll know that you’re a part of something larger than yourself, and you’re already giving back.]

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$57 monthly
"I'll have more time with my twins and husband."

"Because of implementing Bob's training, I was just able to hit the highest rank possible in my network marketing company. Doing so will allow me to finally walk away from a very successful 20-year career in advertising sales.

I'll now have more time to spend with my 11-year-old twins and husband. I have gotten a ton of value out of Bob's training, and really appreciate his honesty and realistic training style. It's so refreshing to finally get the 'real deal' from someone. Thank you!

– Ayesha Dawley
Leadership is earned.
If you’re shy, that’s OK. If you’re struggling, that’s OK too. Confidence is built behind the scenes and respect doesn’t happen overnight.

But it’s easier when you’re on the high road.

Even when doing the right thing seems unpopular, it’s worth the effort. To make a true, ongoing, significant impact on this world, you must become a Legacy Leader.

People join people. Not companies.

My goal is to make you the best leader you can be — even if you can’t see it yet — and to help you train more leaders, so you can share your gift and live into that great big purpose you were put on this planet to fulfill.

Here's the thing...
OK, This is it. Final chance…
There’s only move left to make.
Either you jump in now, start developing yourself, and learn how to build a business of significance…
That’s why you’re here, right?
That’s why you’ve read this far.

...Or you go back to the grind. The same grind that brought you here, watching other people find success, making money, and creating change — while you sit here, reading this entire page, looking for your escape.

You can accept the status quo of your current income, the daily turnstile of recruiting & a mediocre business — and go back to hoping something better comes along. And that’s OK. It’ll be alright.


...But what if this is it?

What if the Academy IS the something better. Do you think it’s worth finding out? Because even if it’s not for you (I think it is), you’ve got that 60-day guarantee.

And if you find out that it is — that Legacy Leadership Academy is the thing you’ve been hoping for…

Well, this changes the game, doesn’t it? This changes everything.


Do you want to find out?
"I was able to advance to the rank of Regional Vice President in my company, a position that less than 2% of people ever achieve. A very large part of me getting there was the training and support that I got from Bob through his virtual coaching. I am deeply grateful for Bob, and all that he does to help people like myself."

– Jacki Hirsch

"Completely transformed my business!"
"To say that Bob's training completely transformed my business would be a complete understatement. I immediately put into practice what I learned, sponsored 8 new people in the first 90 days, and doubled my income! I'm so thankful to Bob for sharing his knowledge and wisdom on how to build a successful network marketing business!"

– Christy Crans

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