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You’re One Click Away From Crafting Your Very Own7 Pages For 7-Figures!!!Hi, Kyle Milligan here.Congratulations!If you’re reading this, you’re only one click away…And just a few minutes from now you could be on your way to seeing EXACTLY how me and my team approach our first 7 Pages to maximize our shot at generating 7-figures with our copy.This is literally the exact same approach I use to teach my own copy team. This is how I get my folks up to speed! I’m holding NOTHING back!Imagine your life once you’ve memorized the 5 simple boxes you need to check off in your lead…You’ll know exactly what you must accomplish starting with your very first line…You’ll breeze through each of them, checking them off, one by one…And when you’ve completed the fifth and final one…You’ll breathe a major sigh of relief.Because having done just these 5 little things…YOU’VE DONE ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING TO PRIME YOUR READER TO BUY FROM YOU.That’s how you start stacking winning promo after winning promo…Building your monthly royalty base until you’re collecting five… EVEN SIX FIGURES a month!SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFERDeep Research Videos: Check the box to receive the very same ‘deep-research’ tricks I use to tap into the psyche of my customers so I can frame my products and services as the answer to all their prayers! With a case study using one of my very own projects, this inside look would cost well over $725 on a private call. But check the box now and you can grab this bonus for a mere $87.Place Your OrderAnd that’s what I want for you, too.I want you to get started right away…Which is why I am offering you this battle-tested training program that I have given my own full-time copywriters:Inside you’ll have everything you need to master the 5 boxes you need to check off to get your reader tingling with excitement over your offer.You’ll want to open it and take action right away because…In just one year of working my system, I have helped 5 different writers launch a million dollar promo.But I have selfish reasons behind offering my private training to the general public.WHY I DESPERATELY NEED YOU TOMASTER THIS SYSTEM ASAPYou see, I run a Copywriting Agency that serves the best financial publishers in the world.We command excellent royalties and get to work on fun projects other people would beg for.Because we have a proven system that we use over and over again…It allows us to drop into any business…Write powerful, high-conversion copy faster than even their own in-house writers…And still generate more sales — AND more royalties!Well I want YOU to join our team!I wondered, “What’s the best way to hire qualified writers and not need to spend months training them?”The answer: “Get them so good before they join my team I don’t even have to train them!”That’s why I’ve decided to record my once-private onboarding to train my own team, and finally offer it to the public.And if you don’t want to join my team, you’ll have the exact strategy we used to grow a small nameless publisher to over $50 million in sales, faster than any other financial publisher in history!If you’re a solo freelancer, you’ll mop the floor with the competition…You’ll be able to turn away any clients who won’t pay you YOUR desired rates…You’ll never hurt for work again!And if you work in-house, you’ll finally have the training you need to jump to the top of the food chain at your current publisher and enjoy all the perks of in house “top-dog” status.(Trust me. They are pretty freaking sweet)Just Remember, Your Sale Is Made Or LostIn The Very First 7 Pages…Inside 7 Pages to 7-Figures I’ll walk you step by step through each of the 5 boxes you must check off in your lead…Plus two BONUS techniques that will enhance your copy even further.And by the time you finish page 7, the sale will be YOURS TO LOSE.My Favorite Mentee Success Stories…This system helped a young intern (in his twenties) go from making nothing… To writing copy that brought in over $40 MILLION in sales!It allowed one man who had a reading disability… Generate a million-dollar launch in his first 6 months of using it!Some of my writers were from the Agora companies… And they had never had a million dollar launch in their career… Well within their first six months using this system, one of them had a million dollar promo and two of them had a million-dollar DAY!That’s a BOATLOAD of royalties in just one single 24-hour period.As you’ll discover inside 7 Pages to 7-Figures, it’s all about controlling the conversation.It doesn’t matter if it is Financial Copy, Biz Opp, Health, Dating…It’s just simple human nature.Control the conversation:Control your rates.Control your income.Control your career.Control your entire niche.We are talking about an opportunity to change your life forever. Starting today.A chance to live life on your own terms…Heck, maybe even enjoy an early retirement.I want you to start that journey today. Right now.Just to recap… here’s everything you get when you purchase 7 Pages to 7-Figures.- 7 PAGES TO 7-FIGURES: Discover how to Control The Conversation from LINE 1 of your copy using 5 simple check boxes. This is how five different writers wrote their first 7-figure promos, grew a small pub to over $50 million, and generated over a MILLION dollars in royalties… ALL IN ONE YEAR. (Plus bonus cheat sheet)- BONUS #1:THE BRIBES AND FASCINATIONS BLUEPRINTSee how easy it is to hook your readers in with gripping bribes and fascinations, early in your copy.- BONUS #2:THE PERFECT SALES ARGUMENT ONE SHEETYou’ve made the sale in the first 7 pages, it’s all downhill from here. Simply refer to this one page guide to see how to make your copy so bullet proof, the reader can’t say no.- BONUS #3:IMPLEMENTATION VIDEO FOR ONE SHEETThis is the exact recording I shared with my full-time team before they started writing million-dollar promos and collecting their own 5-figure royalty checks!- BONUS #4:AMAZING HEADLINES ON COMMAND48 minute video guide with me and Justin Blackman from Pretty Fly Copywriting (AKA The 100 Headlines Guy) showing you exactly how to generate countless amazing headlines on command.- BONUS #5:ENDLESS COPY IDEAS VIDEO TUTORIALSFour never-seen video trainings showing you how to build a bottomless copy resource you can pull ideas from over and over again, FOREVER.- Bonus #6:INFINITE RELEADSDiscover simple shortcut relead techniques… one is as easier than copy and paste. – Two Copy Insight Videos Each WeekEvery Tuesday and Thursday I post new videos with copy insights and send them straight to you via email.- Improved Chance To Join My Team:The 5 boxes will show you exactly how my team writes, just having this product makes you a shoo-in to join my copy agency…Okay, so crunching the numbers…Just the 5 boxes could offer…Your first $1 million promo at 4%…That’s a $40,000 royalty check.But you also get all those incredible bonuses on top!Obviously, this is a stacked offer. Which is what I wanted.But I want this to be a no-brainer for you.Honestly, I could keep these secrets locked up and sell directly to publishers for $30,000 or more like some of the masterminds I’ve seen (and attended)…But here on this page, you won’t pay $30,000… or $10,000…And even though most course-pushers sell their stuff for $2,000…You won’t even pay $1,000 for my infinitely valuable secrets.That’s because I want to TRAIN YOU… Not empty your wallet.So I’ve done something unheard of for this kind of offer, and decided to price this all for a stupid low rate of just $597.Listen, I want you to have total peace of mind when you try 7 Pages to 7-Figures.That’s why…I’ve Removed All The Risk For You With A Simple GuaranteeIf you aren’t entirely happy with the value of 7 Pages to 7-Figures… Simply send an email to [email protected] for a full, no-questions-asked refund.I have no problem taking all the risk on my own shoulders.I’m confident that when you see the earning potential after you write to “control the conversation,”  this investment will seem like peanuts.And this isn’t just an “income-boosting” opportunity…Once you master this system, you could be in the top 1% of skilled copywriters.And if you use this system to later join my Copy Squad Agency, this could be a career-changer…Even an entire LIFE CHANGER.But I would move fast if I were you…You’re not the only one who follows my work and is seeing this page.This system took a small publisher to over $50 million in under a year…So The Word Will Spread Fast… And It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before Your Peers Start Putting This Method Into Practice Themselves.The sooner you get started, the sooner you can dominate.But wait for everybody else to figure this out first — and it could be YOU left in the dust.And if you want that coveted spot on the Copy Squad Agency… Every second you wait is another qualified application sent in BEFORE yours.This is your one shot to tap into the most powerful copywriting force in HISTORY!A chance to take control of the conversation from line 1…And lock in the sale before you even finish your first 7 Pages.Simply fill out the form on this page to get started.Within minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Kajabi with your log-in credentials.(It won’t come from me. So look for Kajabi in your inbox)I’ve worked hard to make 7 Pages to 7-Figures the premier copy training program to give copywriters of every skill level a leg up in their career and their income potential.Remember: “When you control the conversation from line 1, the sale is yours to lose.”Starting today, you’ll be able to tap into the most powerful copy advantage in the world.One day I truly believe that you’ll look back and remember this moment as a truly life changing decision.

Old Price: $89.90
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